To identify the appropriate mission, communities and institutions must grasp their present conditions and anticipate changes likely to influence their future effectiveness. Prager's analyses clarify the current economic situation and measure progress and fragility vis-à-vis peers or competitors.

Economic success is a function of myriad factors, not all of which can be controlled.
Those that are important to one entity may be inconsequential to another. Prioritizing factors of greatest impact is the foundation for informed policy-making and action.

Prager discretely uncovers strengths and weaknesses, spotlights areas that warrant promotion or correction, and provides the rationale for doing so. As a result, management gains the confidence to make hard decisions that lead to significant, sustainable results.

Diagnostics Clients
• Bay County, Florida
• Chicago Partnership for Economic Development
• Civic Consulting Alliance
• DuPage Workforce Board, Illinois
• Fort Leonard Wood Regional Commerce and Growth Association, Missouri
• Illinois Department of Commerce and Community Affairs
• Illinois Department of Revenue
• Mount Vernon, Illinois
• Naval Air Warfare Center, Indianapolis
• Northern Illinois University
• Portugal Trade and Tourism Office
• South Suburban Cook County